Applying to the Waiting list 

Prospective tenants are invited to apply to the waiting list by filling in the form at the bottom of this page. Use the "submit" button to send it to us.  These are kept on file, and if a vacancy occurs, the next candidate will be invited to apply with a longer, more detailed Tenancy application form including proof of income from the previous year (max $26,000) as well as current assets (max $100,000).  Scroll down the page for the form.  The tenancy application form is also available if you want to see the questions that will be asked.

Tenancy Agreement

A tenancy agreement is the legal agreement to the terms of tenancy. It states the obligations of the landlord and the tenants and is signed by the tenants and the society prior to a tenancy beginning.

download a copy of Tenancy agreement

 Parking Regulations  - as on  June 1, 2021 

  1. Vehicle Owner / Tenant is responsible for any damage to vehicle, person or personal property. St Peter Crescent Society is not responsible for any damage,  unless the Society is proved negligent. 
  2. Only one assigned parking space is available for each unit.The license plate of the vehicle parked shall be provided to the Society and shall be kept in the records of the Crescent homes. 
  3. Only one vehicle may be parked in each space, the space may not be used for storage. 
  4. All vehicles parked on the property must be licensed, insured, and in working order. No mechanical work on vehicles is to be performed on the premises. 
  5. Visitors may park in designated visitor spaces only . Visitors staying for longer than 3 days , must apply    to the Society, in writing , for parking permission . 
  6. Vehicles parked must not obstruct Emergency access or access to Garbage/Recycling bins. 
  7. Non Compliance to these regulations will be considered a breach of the Tenancy Agreement. 
  8. Any changes to these regulations will be communicated to the Tenants in writing by the Society.

Pets Who Visit Residents of Crescent Homes

Crescent Society recognizes the value of Pet Visits. 

Crescent Society recognizes that when family and friends come to visit they sometimes bring a pet. 

Any dogs that come to the    property must be on a short leash at    all times.    (Maximum 6 feet). Pets must not be allowed to wander on the property , except on a short leash with their owner. 

Dog faeces must be picked up and disposed of immediately in the garbage. 

No pets may stay overnight on the property . 

Pets may visit for up to 4 hours at a time up to 4 times per week . 

Complaints regarding visiting pets must be made in writing to the Board of the Society. ( These complaints are to be    signed and dated and put in the locked    mailbox in the Laundry room). 

The Board will seek resolution of any complaints that arise.

Waiting List Application Form (submit on-line)


Prospective tenants are contacted when vacancies arise, in the order that the applications are received. If the prospective tenant wishes to proceed, they are asked to complete the tenancy application form and submit it and the supporting documents by email or postal service.  No application will be considered until all supporting documents are received, and there will be a limited time to do so. 

download the Tenancy Application form